IT Qualifications

I have worked with several IDEs, and have become most proficient in development of code using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Programming languages: Python, JavaScript, C/C++ and Fortran 77/90, including OpenMP and OpenACC, experience of usage of LAPACK, BLAS and ScaLAPACK libraries, Visual Basic, Delphi (by Borland); Object Pascal; SQL (MySQL, IBM DB2); HTML.

Software: Wolfram Mathematica, MathWorks MATLAB, MapleSoft Maple, PTC Mathcad, OriginLab (LabTalk and Origin C), Mtplotlib, GPlot/gnuplot, Refworks, Zotero (+ CSL Editor), SciFinder, LaTeX (MiKTeX, Overleaf), Adobe Dreamweaver/Photoshop/Acrobat Pro, Autodesk AutoCAD, MatrixTSL Flowcode, Proteus PCB Design, PASCO Capstone, Cytoscape, Git.

Other: Microsoft Windows Server deployment/ management; Sun Grid Engine.

Recently DEVELOPED Software

23. Comberons from single cell transcriptomics in endothelial cells. S. Domanskyi, A. Hakansson, M. Meng, J. S. Graff Zivin, C. Piermarocchi, G. Paternostro, N. Ferrara, in review, (2021).

20. Digital Cell Sorter (DCS): a cell type identification, anomaly detection, and Hopfield landscapes toolkit for single-cell transcriptomics. S. Domanskyi, A. Hakansson, T. Bertus, G. Paternostro, C. Piermarocchi, PeerJ, 9:e10670, (2021).

16. Polled Digital Cell Sorter (p-DCS): Automatic identification of hematological cell types from single cell RNA-sequencing clusters, S. Domanskyi, A. Szedlak, N. T. Hawkins, J. Wang, G. Paternostro, C. Piermarocchi, BMC Bioinformatics 20, Article number: 369 (2019).

18. PyIOmica: Longitudinal Omics Analysis and Classification, S. Domanskyi, C. Piermarocchi, G. I. Mias, under review (2019).

See source code on GitHub.